I’m possessed


Last night, Sam and I spent lots of time staring at my belly. Bean was very active – not in a kick here, punch there kind of way. But in a slow, yet powerful, way. The experience of watching my belly roll and shudder so actively was so bizarre that I kept bursting into belly-shuddering laughter. Which seemed to chill Bean for a short time, but then s/he got busy again. Doing what, I don’t know, but busy.

The visible movement seemed out of proportion to the subtle sensations I could feel inside, but then I would look at my arm – Bean is now the length of my elbow to my fingertips – in relation to my belly , and it seemed understandable that any movement on Bean’s part translates into crazy wiggles of my belly.

Thanks to all of you who’ve got my (and my intestines’) back!


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