LOST at the Beach


Further evidence that I am a crazy pregnant woman? Last night I stood in the rain for 1.5 hours. Evidence that my craziness is not due to my hormones? The hundreds of other people who also weathered (ha ha) the inclement conditions. Our mission? Watching the season premiere of LOST, on the beach in Waikiki, a week before the rest of the nation watches it in the comfort of their homes.

Truth be known, I intend to watch it next week too. The rain and other distractions, including my inability to get comfortable, meant that I spent much of our time there wandering around and watching people rather than the screen. I got the general gist of things, but not the details that make the show so captivating. Sam had better focus than me, so I think he got a little more stoked by the experience.

The cast was there, too. We saw Matthew Fox directly from a distance, and a few others projected on the screen. But, don’t be too jealous, George and Anis, Evangeline Lilly was filming late and didn’t make it.

I keep doing this to myself, but I think last night I really learned my lesson: next time we go to Sunset on the Beach, I will plan accordingly and take a good meal and a beach chair. Freshly made mini-donuts, as delicious as they are, do not a meal make. Especially when you’re eating for two. I was so exhausted that by the time we got home, I just lay down on the living room floor and stuck a nearby shoebox under my head. Sam insisted that this was not an appropriate way to spend the night, so he cleaned the sand off of my feet and coaxed me into bed. Where I stayed until this morning, when I woke up sore and ravenous.


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