The real reason I see the doctor every 336 hours


As of last month, the frequency of my obstetrician visits has picked up. We tend to take the first appointment of the morning, so there’s no significant wait. I walk in, I pee in a cup, they take my blood pressure, I stand on a scale, Sam and I wait in the examination room, the doctor comes in and asks if I’ve had any problems or if we have any questions, she gels up my belly, we listen to Bean’s heartbeat (with Sam recording it for posterity), I clean my belly, we make our next appointment, have our parking ticket validated, leave. We’re generally in and out in a half hour’s time, if that. If the hospital was far away (it’s not – it’s a seven minute drive from our house, just one exit away on the H-1), or if our appointments were in the middle of the day, I might think them a waste of time.

EXCEPT, the visits make me really realize that Bean is arriving soon, and that makes me hop to action. The true benefit of the appointments at this time is the stuff I get done in between them. I’ve stopped putting off the things I’ve been needing to do, and actually doing them:


  • Registered for Lamaze classes? Check


  • Registered for donating our cord blood? Check


  • Registered for breastfeeding/CPR/baby care class? Check


  • Registered for tour of birth center? Check


  • Pre-registered for delivery at the hospital? Check


  • Chosen a pediatrician? Check



Not bad for a few week’s work. Still left?


  • Make sure I really understand how my leave will work


  • Find out the details of adding Bean to our health insurance


  • Give in to my nesting instincts and finish preparing things in the apartment for Bean’s arrival



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