Free for the right feet


Last night, I was checking out craigslist, looking for potential holiday housing for family. (Yay, the New Orleans Mojganis will reunite, for the first time in more than three years, in just two weeks!) I didn’t find quite what I was looking for, but I did find a laugh:

Looking for a lady with extremely high feet arches and with the bone build-up in the back upper heel area (like small bump)usually irritated from rubbing with the back part of the shoe.
If you do have this type of foot give me a call as soon as possible to work out an agreement were you can have a temporary access to this furnished recent remodeled one bedroom Waikiki condo just two blocks from Waikiki beach in exchange you will get foot worship and feet massages. No nudity no sex.
Forward close up bare feet pictures.

Sounds like this foot fetishist has hit upon a way to get free pictures, even without sharing the apartment. And how temporary is the access, you think? Just long enough for some foot worshipping?


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