A brief respite


Today, I did something I’ve been meaning to do all week – I floated in the ocean. I’ve been craving the relief and caress of the ocean, hoping it would relieve some of the discomfort in my back everywhere. There’s nothing like ocean water to do a body good. Which is why I haven’t bothered with the pool downstairs – chlorine doesn’t have the same restorative powers.

But, today, I finally made the trip – the whole 1.5 mile trip – to the beach and spent a lovely time, just floating around, overseen not only by the City & County lifeguard on the shore, but my own personal lifeguard, standing in the water nearby. I now jokingly call my mother my keeper, as I’m not “allowed” to go anywhere by myself these days.

The only weird part about the venture was when I had to come ashore. Man, did I feel heavy! After being weightless for half an hour, I was suddenly very aware of how much weight I’m carrying. My belly felt like I needed an extra person to carry it. But the walk to the car restored my balance.

A pregnancy update: yesterday’s OB appointment indicated only slight cervical progress. But my doctor’s willing to wait another week. She did a quick ultrasound just to confirm that Bean’s head is pointing down, which it is. So, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for delivery in the next five days. I like to think that my increasing discomfort is indicative of something. However, if, by next Tuesday, Bean has not arrived, induction will be scheduled for Wednesday. Crazy to know that, no matter what, I’ll be an honest-to-goodness mother in the next six days. Bean might be only a week old when my dad and brother first meet him or her. I’d say that’s not too bad, considering how far spread the family is.


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