Monthly Archives: December 2005

Two weeks old


Dear MrMan,

This morning, you turned two weeks old. In some ways, it hardly seems that long since you entered this world. At the same time, life without you in it seems like a distant memory. I can’t believe how your changes are already apparent, and realizing that made me realize that I want to remember what you are like right now.

At your first doctor’s visit two days ago, we found out that you’ve gained half a pound since birth. (You also urinated on the scale, but luckily it was after your weight was taken.) Finding out that you’ve gained (rather than lost, as often happens in this period of time) weight, made my sore nipples worth it. (All those books that say breastfeeding isn’t supposed to hurt were obviously written by people who have never done it.)

Your father (who is so amazing with you) and I are impressed by your strength. You push up against us with your feet, looking like you’re ready to run down the street. When you really want to, you’re able to lift your neck a bit. And you have the ability to scooch up and down our bodies, when we’re holding you. Up when when you want to get out a burp. Or a little up, and over to latch your mouth onto our cheeks or necks, when you’re hungry. Down when you smell my milk. Or just want to cuddle to our chests. And, of course, the strength of your sucking action is crazy – a thick shake wouldn’t stand a chance (if you could eat such).

Yesterday, you started reaching for things. Last night, it was my shirt, while opening your mouth, in hopes that somehow you could feed yourself across the bed. This morning, it was for your grandmother’s fingers.

Things about you that charm me:
Your little smile that often appears as you’re dozing off, as if you can’t wait to get to your dreams
Your patience when you sense that a feeding is close at hand – only if I take too long to get situated do you start to cry
The way you slurp milk off of your hands when feeding gets a little messy
The way you sometimes zone out after eating – not falling asleep, just seemingly tuning us out. We call it your Zen look.
How your big toes stick up, much like your uncle’s
How you sometimes look a bit like E.T. – a movie from before your time, but we’ll show it to you one day. For the record, we like E.T.

My love for you is limitless, MrMan. (Your father thinks my nickname for you is a little goofy, since you have many years before you reach manhood, but that won’t stop me from using it.)