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Wouldn’t it be funny, but not really, if, after twenty-nine days of blogging, I missed my NaBloPoMo goal?


He’ll do anything to extend his break


We’re now going on about 24 hours of MrMan complaining about his stomach. The first few hours were understandable, as I didn’t plan his eating very well into our trip back from Atlanta, and he ended up throwing up. Twice. But since 11 pm last night, it’s more of a mystery. He ate food he kept down, but then writhed around in pain every half hour or so. We eventually ended up in the (very relaxing) emergency room, but left with no specific answers. We’ve spent most of today in our pajamas, with impromptu naps and belly rubbing, and a bit of sweating and vomiting. I’m hoping he keeps down the broth I’m making for dinner, and that he’s well enough to go to school on Tuesday.