Trying to focus on breathing


Somehow, it’s become December. And already December 2.  The past few days have been focused on my child’s stomach pains and bowel movements (or lack therof in the case of the latter). Fun, fun, fun!  In my mind, staying home with him would also provide an opportunity for preparations.  Think on, mama.  There is no time for preparations when one is busy rubbing a tummy, listening to moaning and groaning, and trying to create an atmosphere for release.  All while feeling like I’ve suddenly been thrown into a universe where my child is suddenly four months instead of four years old.

Preparations for what, you might ask. Our next phase in life, scheduled to start at the turn of the year.  We’re not sure what this next phase will look like, but we know that in the next month (minus 1.5 days, and counting), we need to:

  • Reduce the amount of stuff we have, via Craigslist and donations
  • Find a storage and transport arrangement for the rest of our stuff
  • Pack our apartment
  • Arrange things at my parent’s house so that we can temporarily move in with them
  • Sam needs to finish up his work stuff
  • I need to get on top of what has come at me this semester and put things in place for next semester, while also working on the proposal grant that funds my program

This kind of freaks me out since we have only a few more weeks before we hit winter break.  This is a good thing, since we can then shift attention to packing. But I feel like I have too many things vying for my attention.  I know people get through similar situations all the time. Hopefully, in another month or so, I can count myself among them.


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