Breathing easier


Apparently, I’ve been in a tizzy for the past two-plus months.  I knew I was stressed, but didn’t realize how much so until the weight of it was lifted.  In the past few days, Sam’s been offered  and accepted a job. Which led to us being able to say we’re going to stay in our apartment.  Suddenly, I can breath easier. I don’t get a tightness in my chest wondering about what comes after December 31, and how well we’ll adjust to living in my parents’ home again (and how well they’ll adjust).  I don’t have to think about acquiring boxes and filling them. So far, I’d reached a grand total of one box, packed and labeled (though not yet taped).  I’m still trying to continue the purging, though. We just don’t need all this stuff.
Bonus: Sam’s new job is in the same building as his current one, and will start right after his current one ends, so there will be no disruption to routine. Except that it won’t be accompanied by the stress we’ve been under for the past nine weeks.


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