Monthly Archives: January 2010



I was psyched to go the gym this morning. It’s not a regular part of my routine, but I’d like it to be.  So I really believed it was going to happen. Went to bed on the early side, set my alarm for early (but not super early, as that would be setting myself up for failure), put my exercise clothes in the bathroom for easy access, focused on the idea that I would be getting out of bed before my usual time. I figured I would hop up, get ready, out the door, quick drive to the gym, quick jaunt on the eliptical (I even had my earbuds so I could watch tv), quick drive back home, get ready for work, out the door with everyone else.

I thought the weather might be an issue. It’s been cold of late. Not just New Orleans cold (anything under 65 F qualifies), but normal cold. Hard freeze cold. And sure, Iwanted to snuggle down in bed, but I was at the car by 6:15. Faced with a car with iced over windows. And no ice scraper (see: definition of New Orleans cold). I put on my determined-not-to-be-deterred face and started the car. Looked around for some other means of cleaning off the windows. Newspaper doesn’t cut it apparently.

Which is why I’m typing about my gym plans rather than living them. Tomorrow morning promises to be warmer. And if the car is iced again, maybe I should plan on getting my workout in the form of rubbing down the car with newspaper.