Meandering thoughts on a summer’s-in-the-air lunchtime walk


Bullets are better than nothing, right?

  • I love a seersucker suit. Seeing three men walking on a downtown street in varying hues of this summer classic almost make me cry in love for this city and the south.
  • I am on the verge of buying a fanny hip pack. The appeal of hands-free-carrying of essentials, even on days when I lack pockets, is alluring. I think it’s the logical next trend if we combine the trends of the 80s and minimalism.
  • I’m over this idea of blaming corporations without facing up to the fact that we all have had a role to play in their financial success and unethical practices.
  • The stench in the air is concerning. Sometimes it smells like a big barbecue about to happen (petroleum). Sometimes it smells like urine or perfume (I assume it’s dispersant). Either way I find it hard not to cry about the loss of our natural bounties, like wetlands and seafood, and worry about our future – as a family, as a city and state, as a humanity constantly being reminded that we can’t keep treating each other and the planet with no regard for the repercussions.
  • I’m so jealous of Anis, leaving for South Africa on Sunday.

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