How can we be here already?


Today was MrMan’s first official day of school. Big kid school. He’s in Pre-K, as his birthday is too late in the year for kindergarten, but I think we’re entering a whole new (and awesome) world. I was thinking about how, like everything else with kids and development, even starting school has been gradual. Friday was orientation – I took him at 9, picked him up at noon, and it involved only half of his classmates (the rest having gone the day before). Today was a half day and school started a smidge later (as it does every Monday), and we experience the carpool line for the first time. I was shocked to find myself tearing up as MrMan stepped out of the car and proudly walked off with a fifth grader. Tomorrow, we will aim for the start of the carpool window at 7:45 am, and still do half day. Wednesday, we start in earnest – school lasts until 3:00, and then he’ll go to aftercare.
I well up at our bounty in his going to this school. It’s so nurturing and beautiful, with hugs and smiles and manners and a gorgeous courtyard and a nice gym and a sit-down dining room and a principal who welcomes pre-kindergarteners to his office (and a dog under the desk, I’ve been told) and a school-wide flu clinic scheduled next month (! – oh the things that appeal to me)…. I’m so excited to be embarking on this adventure with MrMan and feel so fortunate that he’s launching off in this way.
Tomorrow, we say goodbye to his daycare of the past almost-three years, as it will be the last afternoon I’ll have to take advantage of his teachers’ understanding in my dropping him off during naptime.


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