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Of all the things that I had thought had led to my not blogging, I hadn’t counted on one that is super irritating: spammers. The problems with picking up here.
Anyway, yesterday I took the GRE. While I could have done better, I could have done a lot worse too. I left there thinking I hadn’t won it. But, suddenly, yesterday afternoon, I was hit with a feeling of pride: I -had- won it, because I took on the task of studying for it and then carried through with the test, 16 years after taking it last. (And that time was while I was still in college, and my version of studying was a quick review of formulas the night before, since I hadn’t taken math in a few years.)


Graced with a good one


Sometimes the sweetness of MrMan is so overwhelming I don’t know whether to eat him or cry. I try for the former – smothering him with hugs and kisses and nibbles – but settle for the latter.
Last night, I got back from a five-day trip to Denver. Before I returned, Sam suggested to MrMan that he create something for me. He’s been really into art these days – drawing up a storm whenever given the chance. Sam didn’t suggest what the something should be, but MrMan came up with something fabulous: eight individual pieces of paper, each with a uniquely drawn heart of a different color.

So much for a relaxing yet productive trip


Last night was not among my best nights of sleep. It seems that our hotel, which is otherwise quite nice, has a mouse problem. I communicated with two people, on different floors, who described sitting in their room, reading, when a mouse ran across the floor. The anticipation of such a frightful experience caused me to keep several lights on, situate myself in my bed such that I couldn’t see any portion of the floor, and sleep in small icky-dream bursts.
Woe is me. It’s enough to make me consider sleeping outside. But then my rational side kicks in to suggest that I would be way more likely to interact with rodents out there.

Working on the balance


Well, that was short lived. But, here’s the thing, I’m not in it for the prizes (though it has been nice in the past to receive such). And while consistency is good, I’ve also been working on finding balance. I lean toward perfectionism, which is a very stressful aspiration in an imperfect me living life in an imperfect world. But I’m trying to focus on the perfectness in the imperfections. So, instead of beating myself up for falling asleep with MrMan, after a long and emotionally-charged day at work, followed by voting (which was to have been my topic yesterday, and may be the topic of a later post), and dinner – all sprinkled with rain – I’m getting up and blogging about it.
And while it wasn’t part of my master plan to be asleep before nine, it was mighty fine to wake up before my alarm went off and actually feel rested.

NaBloPoMo 2010


Despite the craziness that November always brings, and what I’ve added to it for this year, I seem afraid to tell myself no. The idea that three days from now I wish I had blogged today is making me post. It may not be the best use of my time, but it’s only a few minutes. Because without some documentation, I might not believe I experienced November 2010. I can account for pretty much every day until December.

This week is:

  • the frenzy of finishing things for the launching of something new at work
  • studying for the GRE
  • welcoming a guest speaker at work
  • swimming class for MrMan
  • 19 day Feast
  • LSA
  • getting my ducks in a row before leaving town

Week 2 of November:

  • Denver for APHA
  • worrying about my guys living life without me, including school/work/swimming/dinner/etc
  • guest speaker at work
  • Birth of Baha’u’llah
  • studying  for the GRE

Week 3:

  • GRE (agh!)
  • MrMan’s birthday
  • mystery reader for MrMan’s class (shh, don’t tell)
  • birthday celebration for MrMan at school
  • birthday celebration for MrMan at ice cream parlor
  • stress of missing nighttime work function because it falls on MrMan’s birthday, and he’s old enough to notice
  • swimming classes

Week 4:

  • guest lecture in a class
  • Thanksgiving
  • see family and friends
  • relax?