NaBloPoMo 2010


Despite the craziness that November always brings, and what I’ve added to it for this year, I seem afraid to tell myself no. The idea that three days from now I wish I had blogged today is making me post. It may not be the best use of my time, but it’s only a few minutes. Because without some documentation, I might not believe I experienced November 2010. I can account for pretty much every day until December.

This week is:

  • the frenzy of finishing things for the launching of something new at work
  • studying for the GRE
  • welcoming a guest speaker at work
  • swimming class for MrMan
  • 19 day Feast
  • LSA
  • getting my ducks in a row before leaving town

Week 2 of November:

  • Denver for APHA
  • worrying about my guys living life without me, including school/work/swimming/dinner/etc
  • guest speaker at work
  • Birth of Baha’u’llah
  • studying  for the GRE

Week 3:

  • GRE (agh!)
  • MrMan’s birthday
  • mystery reader for MrMan’s class (shh, don’t tell)
  • birthday celebration for MrMan at school
  • birthday celebration for MrMan at ice cream parlor
  • stress of missing nighttime work function because it falls on MrMan’s birthday, and he’s old enough to notice
  • swimming classes

Week 4:

  • guest lecture in a class
  • Thanksgiving
  • see family and friends
  • relax?

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