Working on the balance


Well, that was short lived. But, here’s the thing, I’m not in it for the prizes (though it has been nice in the past to receive such). And while consistency is good, I’ve also been working on finding balance. I lean toward perfectionism, which is a very stressful aspiration in an imperfect me living life in an imperfect world. But I’m trying to focus on the perfectness in the imperfections. So, instead of beating myself up for falling asleep with MrMan, after a long and emotionally-charged day at work, followed by voting (which was to have been my topic yesterday, and may be the topic of a later post), and dinner – all sprinkled with rain – I’m getting up and blogging about it.
And while it wasn’t part of my master plan to be asleep before nine, it was mighty fine to wake up before my alarm went off and actually feel rested.


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