Monthly Archives: December 2010

A brief recap


Goodbye, 2010. This was the year:

  • Sam started a new job.
  • We didn’t move.
  • The Saints won the Super Bowl and I experienced the fatigue that goes with a several-month-long adrenalin rush.
  • We went through the somewhat cumbersome process of applying for school for MrMan.
  • I watched and experienced the sadness of once again feeling like I live in the region that is taken for granted.
  • I traveled with MrMan with it being just the two of us for the first time, and discovered he’s a great travel companion.
  • We went to New York for the first time since MrMan was born, and I enjoyed seeing him enjoy it. (Why wouldn’t he?)
  • MrMan started “real” school, albeit preschool, in an environment that has really nourished his growth.
  • I gave serious consideration to a job in Hawaii, but ultimately put the greater good of the family first.
  • After discovering a lump, I got my first mammogram. It was awesome – not only because it gave me piece of mind, but because it’s an interesting experience. Who knew they could get so flat?
  • I took the GRE for the first time in 16 years, and kind of rocked it.
  • We discovered and repeated the relaxing experience that is traveling to Chicago by train.

Five years ago – 2005 – I:

  • Went on pilgrimage, along with Sam, my parents, Anis (and an, as later I found out, in utero MrMan.
  • Got offered a job in NYC – an accomplishment I still hold onto (obviously) – but turned it down.
  • Took multiple trips to the mainland, the last of which turned my ankles to swollen sausages.
  • Watched via tv as my beloved hometown was devestated (and I, too, as a result).
  • Met MrMan face to face for the first time.

Ten years ago -2000 – I:

  • Moved from New Orleans to Evanston, with a job in Oak Park, to live closer to Sam.
  • Lived by myself for the first time.
  • Learned how to shovel and drive in snow.

Fifteen years ago – 1995 – I:

  • Had a spring and summer filled with fun, friends, and one of my all-time favorite jobs – working at a movie theater.
  • Was thrown into turmoil when I found out I wasn’t going to serve in Haifa, as I’d hoped.
  • Officially graduated from college.
  • Moved to Shenyang, China.

Twenty years ago – 1990 – I:

  • Decided to change my non-exercising ways and started “moving” – my term for jogging.
  • Joined the soccer team, my senior year of high school. Thank goodness I went to a school that focused more on academics.
  • Expanded the circle of people with whom I spent time, pushing myself beyond my comfort zone.