MrMan’s first girlfriend


A couple of weeks ago, when we picked MrMan up from school, our departure from aftercare coincided with that of one of his classmates – let’s call her Delilah. We headed toward our respective cars. As we got close to ours, MrMan said,
“I am so sad.”
“Why?” I asked.
“I just love Delilah so much…. And she loves me.”
“So doesn’t that make you happy?”
“But I won’t see her until tomorrow.”

Last week, on the way home, MrMan shared from the backseat, “Delilah calls me her boyfriend. But we’re too young to have girlfriends and boyfriends.” We agreed and told him he could have one when he’s 25.

A few nights ago, MrMan was snuggling up to his visiting Dayi Anis and announced into his chest and belly, “I have a girlfriend.” I guess that few extra days made him feel mature enough to enter this new phase in life?

I’m not ready for this. But still share in MrMan’s excitement that Delilah is headed to the same new school!


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