Bean Yum


There are evenings I walk in the house knowing what I’m going to make for dinner, and ready to make it. There are other times where I’m not feeling inspired, want to just lie on the couch, and wonder when they’ll come up with a way to include broccoli in cereal, so I can feel good about it as a dinner choice.  Last night fell into the latter category. But I rallied, and put together a meal that made all of us happy.

It’s one I’ve made before, with various modifications: taco salad. MrMan prefers to call it Bean Yum.

Ingredients we had on hand:

  • Lettuce – we like Romaine
  • Beans – we like Black
  • Corn
  • Black olives, sliced
  • Yogurt
  • Taco seasoning
  • Mango
  • Cheese – last night was Monterey Jack

Other options:
Red onion
Sour cream
Corn chips
Lime juice

Wash and spin the romaine lettuce. Chop it, because it tastes better than when it’s torn.
Open the cans of beans, corn, and olives. Drain. Add amounts to your liking.
Mix yogurt with taco seasoning.  Add to bowl.
Shred cheese on top.
Mix it all up, adding cubes of mango and/or having slices on the side.

Easy, peasy, clean plates left behind.


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