Early morning dreaming


MrMan woke up calling out, “Two days until I’m 5 and 3/4!” Sam pondered the date for a second, and called back that it was actually one day. Swoon.

He then came to our room, joined me in bed, and proceeded to do some birthday planning. An ice cream cake, with chocolate cake and four flavors of ice cream – strawberry, pistachio, lemon…. Wait, what color are the Power Rangers? The ice cream on the inside should coordinate with the figures on the outside…. Mind you, the boy has no Power Rangers.
He’ll have kids to our house, but only ones that are 5, or 5-1/2, or 5-3/4. No little kids, because they might feed his fish too much. They’ll tip over the fish food container and then hundreds of bits would be in the water.
I’ll do the face painting.
And we can decorate the house.
And they can run around outside, in the yard, and take turns riding his blue bike.

Such big and heartwarming plans first thing in the morning.


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