Deep breaths


It’s been a time of transition in our house apartment new house family. (See what I mean? Not even sure how to phrase that.)

Today, while MrMan is at school and I am at work (because I already had commitments I couldn’t change), we’re moving. As in movers are coming to take large furniture from our apartment to our new house. And Sam is making sure all goes well. This is the silver lining to Sam having been laid off a month ago – he’s available to deal with it and do things like paint into the wee hours of the morning.

We were going to move our stuff ourselves this past weekend, and we’re still going to have to move a bunch of stuff, but we figured if we could use a well-time Groupon to pay other people to move the heavy and bulky stuff from our second floor apartment to our raised-basement house, we should.

I know if I had to take one of those age tests where you have to indicate how many of life’s stresses you’ve experienced lately, I’d be able to retire. Except for that money factor.

I’m hoping that the only major transitions of May are dealing with Sam being offered a new job.


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