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Dear MrMan,

[Oh, how I’ve missed that phrase. Which I didn’t realize until I just typed it. Alas, gone are the days when I made weekly and monthly updates about him. Even more alas (Can I say that? Well, I can, I just probably shouldn’t.), gone are the days when I could go back and read those updates. (Stupid spammy virussy evil people/bots.) But really this isn’t about me, it’s about MrMan, so that’s probably enough of putting this internal dialogue on the page.]

Today you are six-and-a-half! This astonishes me. What’s even cooler is that it astonishes you. As observed in the car this morning, you’re old enough to marvel at the passage of time. It was great to hear you stutter in surprise that you’re as old as you are and that the time to reach this point has passed so quickly.

Another big milestone was reached this week: yesterday was your kindergarten graduation! I don’t think we could have imagined a better set of teachers for you this past year. They so wonderfully balanced holding you and letting you go, helping you and encouraging you in your independence, cheering you on and letting you know when you could do better. I’m so thankful for all their labor and love and for not only contributing to your growth this year but documenting it. Watching you on stage yesterday, speaking into the microphone and singing and signing a Red Grammer song, I couldn’t believe the year had passed so quickly. You’ve learned so much, including a better understanding of yourself and your strengths. I’m proud not only of your blossoming reading skills and your quick math, but also your sureness while drawing, your creative imagining, and your sensitivity and kindness toward others.

Also this week: another loose tooth! Finally. Your third tooth to go is making its identity known. I’m hoping you don’t carry through with your ambitions to tie it to a doorknob to pull it out. Just keep eating bagels and it will be out in no time.

This morning, your father and I were summoned by you a little after 6:00. Not just one of us was enough. Both of us needed to be present so that you could express how much you’re going go miss kindergarten. As much as it breaks my heart to see you sad about moving on from this stage in your life, I’m glad that you hold it so dear. Yesterday we celebrated your accomplishments with a ceremony, a picnic and fun on the playground with your classmates, dinner at your favorite sushi restaurant…. But when you woke up this morning, you weren’t asking for more of the celebrating, you were asking for more of kindergarten. I hope that are able to hold onto this characteristic of feeling so deeply.

I try not to dwell on it, but the days with you, while sometimes frustrating and grueling (I like to keep it honest), are going by too fast. As pointed out on a blog I was reading the other day, if your path follows mine, one third of our time in the same house has passed. Instead of focusing on the tragedy of this, I will try to focus on making sure you’re equipped for that departure when the time comes. As you seem to be doing for me.

MrMan, I totally totally totally love love love you! (Mmmmm.)