Taking a break


As I was wiping down baseboards, in anticipation of painting them, it hit me that I need to write. So, instead of moving on to the next step of going downstairs to get the blue tape and brushes and paint, I took a pause.
Late yesterday afternoon, I got a call from my mom, saying that MrMan didn’t want to go to soccer practice in the evening. On Friday afternoons, my dad picks him up, for what is called PaJun Friday. It entails hanging out at my parents house, playing Super Mario Brothers, watching some tv, bonding with his grandparents, spending the night. Early on in MrMan’s school career, I requested this routine of my parents, as I had fond memories of Friday afternoons with my dad. These days, PaJun Friday also includes soccer practice. Sometimes we do this part of Friday, but often my parents do. So, anyway, yesterday, my mom called to say MrMan didn’t want to go and he seemed kind of tired. And I said okay. He’s had a busy week with mostly late nights. I’m generally a stickler for carrying through with the schedule. But I also recognize that forcing something can sometimes backfire.
I’m still working on the idea of having less of a schedule, period. That would probably involve some sort of personality transplant. And, now, on to the next step in my painting process.


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