Soccer mom


This soccer season has been one of firsts. MrMan had not only a longer weekly game, but also a weekly practice and a weekly clinic. That’s soccer three days a week, for those following along at home. At this level, we’re not really supposed to keep score. But we do. And the games are definitely more competitive and more fun than at the lower level.
Today, we had an end of the season tournament. Seventeen teams facing off in pairs, working to the final faceoff. MrMan’s team started off at 9 this morning. Won. Brief break. Won again. Longer break. By the end of game three, the parents sort of sighed about the win, as it meant continued time on the field. But then the kids moved into game four, and within ten minutes, you could feel that the energy had changed, at least for the parents – we’d made it this far, we wanted to win. Such excitement when we (or really our kids) won! One last game:the final. They played hard but…. Oh, such a sad group of kids we had when the other team won.
It’s hard to figure out the right comfort to provide. Rationally, we can tell our kids that we’re proud of how hard they played and that we’re proud of their teamwork. We can tell them how impressive it is that, with all of these teams, they made it to the final game. But,emotionally, it’s hard to come so close and not come out the winners. Even though they’re winners, there’s that one team that won one more time than they did. And that hurts.


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