What I hope 2013 brings


After spending much of 2012 sick (sorter that I am, I calculated that I spent more than 10% of the year well under the weather – that’s pretty significant), I’m hoping that 2013 is healthier. I tried getting things off to a good start by taking a walk with Sam yesterday morning. While it wasn’t a long walk, I decided to focus on not letting perfection be the enemy of done and to just go ahead and walk to the library and back, even if it was the closest library. (Or, rather the second closest library, since I’m lucky enough to have a Little Free Library in my front yard.)

I then spent the afternoon, sadly, convalescing. On the bright side, I ended the day with cabbage and black-eyed peas for good luck, in the form of pea fritters, sauteed cabbage, and jiaozi (Chinese dumplings). Also on the bright side, this morning: 6 am at the gym! (Complete with copious amounts of snot. More than you needed to know.)

For several reasons, including the ever-present but non-specific sickness mentioned above, I hope to reduce my stress, or at least better cope with it, this year. Just one resolution. Ha.

The sub-resolutions, or the action plan, include:

  • More regular exercise
  • Healthier food
  • Earlier bedtime on a regular basis
  • Prayer
  • Writing
  • Less procrastination

We’ll see how it goes.



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