Captain Underpants to the rescue


I come from a family of readers. For much of my life, I’ve preferred reading (fiction, generally) to just about anything else. Now that he’s caught onto the mechanics of reading, I’ve been waiting for MrMan to catch the fever to read. I think we’re just about there. On a whim, I picked up the first Captain Underpants book from the library a couple of weeks ago. MrMan quickly read the whole book by himself. Yesterday, I picked up the second book.
I never thought I’d be that parent, encouraging my kid to read a book filled with potty humor. But, I’ve changed my stance. Especially when he wanted to stay up late to read it, but settled for waking up early to do so. When I heard MrMan’s lamp click on early this morning and he later called out, “I’m done,” before he got ready for the day, I knew I’d be going to pick up book 3 – one with an outrageously long name – very soon. Eventually, he’ll move on to more sophisticated books, but for now I’m just trying to further cultivate his growing love for my favorite pastime.


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