Monthly Archives: January 2014

My sock is still dry


This morning, I started my new routine for the semester: up by 6:00, out the door by 6:40, catch the first shuttle. Right before I left the house, I realized it was raining, so shoved my feet in my rain boots and grabbed an umbrella. Backpack on, umbrella in one hand, coffee in the other, walking in the rainy half-dark. Once I started walking, I realized there were a few pebbles in one of my boots, but figured I’d endure.

Halfway to the shuttle stop, my time was good and there was an even stretch of sidewalk under a street light – I decided to take a moment to dislodge the pebbles.

Coffee and umbrella in one hand, pulled a boot off with the other, balancing on one foot. What could go wrong?

Things were fine until right after I shook out the pebbles. Then, my balance was no longer. So, I’m under a street light on a major street, jumping on one foot to try to maintain my balance. My other foot is up while I try to keep my sock dry and the boot for that foot is lying on the ground. I’ve still got the open umbrella and my coffee in my hand. And coffee on my shirt. And coffee in my hair. And coffee in my ear.

With each of my numerous jumps, coffee was splashing out of the sipping hole of my cup. Once I was thoroughly coffee-scented, I gained enough control to stand still on one foot and pick up my boot and put it on. Over my dry sock – yay me. Also yay, I wore dark clothes today. And if I’m flagging, I can just drop my nose down and take a big whiff. And maybe I provided some early morning amusement to the random passerby.