So much for that


Well, I guess I didn’t need to worry about it being just the first day of November that lacked a post.
This week, I’ve been trying to insert a little more physical activity into my days. That’s obviously a good practice in general, but it’s also a specific assignment from my doctor. I’ve spent the last months exhausted. My labs came back normal. Actually, pretty marvelous. So I’m supposed to log my physical activity – aiming for 30 minutes a day (something I’ve been slacking on) – for the next six weeks and call my doctor with a report on my energy levels. That’ll be around the time when I’ll also get off the hamster wheel that has been this semester.
I’ve been feeling pretty peppy today. I chalk it up to not only the activity, but doing it at the start of the day. I like to think I can achieve that again a few times next week.
I don’t know if my doctor pegged my personality in giving me this prescription of exercise and logging it, but ohmygosh it appeals to this Type A girl. It’s like I cannot not do it.


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